Without wondering, I am in my 3nd year now.  I do not have class for my very first day of my new semester, perhaps it make me more alert of World Cup. The competition will end today and the world is waiting for the match which start at 2.30am. Everyone is willing to bear the tiredness just because of this competition. In fact, football is not my favorite sport yet as the atmosphere is so hot of this, I followed the trend just like other people. The battle between Spain and Holland (Netherland) 2010.

Back to my topic. Again I always started with the same thing, it has been a long time I never post any update of mine. Main reason is due to laziness. I was on my holiday for 2 and a half month and it was ended on11 July 2010. During my holiday, it was a long rest indeed for me. Before the holiday, I was stressful for tonne of activity loads and studies. As usual, I did my revision nearly the last minute. It was planned previous that I must start to do revision and be hardworking for this semester but unfortunately it never be achieved. I think it is mainly due to my personally arrangement, I could had done it better if I want. Regret? I think no, but need to work hard for the coming new semester. However, challenge for this coming new semester is the club activities as due to the reason I am the new coming president of JPD Club. Wahoo! What’s a big position!

Yeah, I took this position because I was chosen, I reluctant it once, but I retook this position again. The reason behind is that I wish to make something different in my study life besides after all of academic achievement. As a president, the responsibility is indeed huge but I will do it as much as I could to lead and run my roles as a team leader of my committee members. That is why, I spent my holiday all with proposal, paper work, letter, approached of authorities and dueling with various people to get things done. Fortunately, I still have a supportive team to backup me even I called them out for helping me at the eleventh hour. They gave their commitment and effort without asking a return. Although, some of them might misunderstood my intention but I will not make any further justification because I really treated them as my friend, my fellow friend. I still remembered the day I need help, support, the friend offer me his hand to help. Hence, I really treasured the friendship we got until this day. Just one thing I wish to say, there is no true or false in the issue, but there is just different point of view.

Let’s talk something happy, after a long fighting for scholarship, I finally managed to get Maxis scholarship. It was indeed a long assessment for the recipient but everything is worth when the day I received a phone call that announced me as the recipient. Nothing could describe my feeling but happy. Beginning the day of entering university, I never stop looking around for scholarship. The Maxis scholarship just came into my life at the right time and I was glad and wish to say thank you to Maxis to give me this chance to make my path of study to be smoother. Mixing feeling of excitement and fun, I were required to go for a photo shooting section. The precious experience was my first life to be as artist or model with make up, stylist, hair master to “brand” me. Hahaha… but the most treasure part was to get to know other recipients of this Maxis Scholarship. Then, our nice photo was printed out as posters and be hanged everywhere in the awarding ceremony in JW Marriott. It was indeed a Hollywood star function and all of the recipients were treated as VIP. This was shown when the moment we stepped near to the board poster, your vision in front was full with flash light from various directions. A great life experience for me.

During the holiday, I spent my time nearly on JPD Club affairs like preparing paper work for Interaction Day Internal and Cross Uni. Besides, looking around for sponsorship and I managed to get help from Nestle through Ms. Lee, 3 hampers with Nestle products. Advising my junior for the activities and etc. Although it was not stressful but it will be a bit lazy when people tell you to work when holiday. Hahaha… so I really appreciate my team for lending their hands to me.

Another job experience I think I will never thought to have it in my life if it was not my relative. Guess what? I worked in LAUNDRY/ Dobi as staff. Could you ever imagine that a gentleman/ a boy worked in Dobi?? I will never thought myself to work as that in my whole life. However, due to my relative, I did it in my life as her workers were shifted back to Indonesia for the reason of finished permit. As a gentleman, I never wish myself involved into this but I need to as my relative really need it so urgently. Hence, I have nothing to say but to do it. Being a staff in Dobi, I have to say it was not fun but extremely tired. I was like an assistance in the shop with the least job load, after getting involved into the management, I found that it was not easy to manage it. Worst still if you have lost a particular shirt from a client and need to search it all around the possible site to get it back. This was the most anger part of the job as the mistake was not done by you but you are the one who need to take every packed bags out to let client  to check. You felt being unfair in this issue and really want to punch the people who make the clothe missing.You are hoping so desperately yet no people will help you to search by you  but alone to look for it. Unfair!

However, one thing I could observe in the Dobi was they really worked hardly. Washing with bear hands in the detergent soaked, ironing for the whole day starting from 9am till 11pm. Tonne of clothes need to be cleaned and the cycle repeated again and again. Although is able to earn a living but it is indeed a hard earning channel. Respect their effort and contribution. I worked for Monday and Wednesday merely and without wondering I worked nearly 15 days. Lots of things learn there namely managing a shop, steps to wash clothes, and etc.

Could you imagine, this was the most frequent semester I spent my time in Green Box. Almost every week one day in Green Box with my KAKI. What’s the sweat! However, it was fun anywhere. Hahaha…. The whole idea throughout my holiday is to rest and get myself recover from my previous injured. Besides, that is to relax and yamcha with my friends. It was indeed a great time when I able to meet back my primary schoolmate and classmates. A steamboat gathering meant a lot for us. A hiking trip to Broga Hill for Kensettians was another climax during my holiday. The first experience of site survey in FRIM and climbed the jungle by wearing a pair of slipper… yes, is slipper. And my first drive to IKEA area with my own. These all color my holiday and make it more meaningful.

After all, it is another new semester, new life and experience plus challenges awaiting for me to adventure. As a club’s president is indeed the most challenging part but I must not forget to balance up with my academic achievement. For the previous semester, result shown a deteriorating graph and I wish I could stimulate the graph to increasing if can drastically or at least +0.1 of CGPA. Next, another wish of mine in this coming new semester is to bring our club out of UKM and be active in any other activities outside. Expand my network to a wider range and mix around with more passion and with good attitude in life. Plus, learn as much as I could for the sake of helping my patients.

Another wish from me is to pick up the investment knowledge. In addition, be happy, no stress, be passionate in study, no afraid to meet obstacles and solve it with the gifted wisdom of the God! May this world full of joy, fun, happy, free of disasters and peace always. May I get to whatever I wish to achieve.

Amitofo! Yeah, back to the World Cup Match…. it is indeed a tough game, at the time of 85:20, neither Spain nor Netherland score… 0:0. Still waiting the result and it was indeed a good time with World Cup while football players are playing exhaustively and I am writing my journal/ blog. What’s the combination!

Hmmm…. the first 90minutes, no score from the both sides. Hence, I think they will add extra minutes for the match. And now is 4.25am in the morning… luckily no class today…haha… Stay tuned.

Second Extra Time! What’s!!! They are just tough! Oh…Holland one RED CARD 3.4+ then free kick…No goal!

At last, one goal from Spain (ESP) …  by Number 6 : Andres Iniesta….



Langkawi Trip

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This was my second time to Langkawi. Why? As this time I went with my course-mates. If you would like me to describe how was the trip, I personally will say that this is indeed an forgettable experience for me. 9.11.2009 was my last day of final exam, in conjunction this was the day I went to Langkawi too. There were 19 of us and it was also my first time to take fly. What’s a wonderful experience for me. On that day itself, I was the latest person to arrive at KL Sentral. I was rushing all the way from my home to monorail and at last I able to reach to meet up them at the LCCT bus stop. Sorry to say I was late because raining and I forced to delay my time to monorail.

Our plane has delayed about 30 to 45 minutes. This was my first time too to experience waiting at the airport for the plane. Although it was a bit boring but yet we able to spend our time by taking a lot of photos. Just to mention here that when we reached at the custom, the sensor sounded and I was being “molested”…hmmmmm…. Moreover, I left my luggage on the other side of custom which was not being scanned and yet I did not even realize it. I guessed I was too excited.

The feeling when I was on the plane was indeed unique. Like roller coaster, may be I was not used to it, I felt a bit dizziness. The night in KL indeed beautiful, the lights are just right to create a good view of mapping city. While waiting to arrive, I wrote a short dairy regarding my feeling and thought too. This was indeed a special moment for me and I believed this was not the only time I will take plane but just a good start for me to explore and be sure that there will be much more opportunities waiting for me. Haha…

The speed of fly really cannot be challenged, Within 20-25 minutes, my friend told me that I have arrived at Penang. We saw the significant view of Penang which was the Penang’s bridge. Later, the captain of the plane announced that we will be reaching Langkawi at 2315. Wah! Indeed like speed of light for me. When we have reached in Langkawi, we took photos with the first plane in our life that we all have taken. The feeling is great but just left some regret that missed to take with the air-hostess.What’s a waste!

When the moment we reached at the airport, there was only left one counter opened and we have no choice but to take the offer and I would say it was the nightmare to begin. Want to know more? Read down to discover. Just to mention here, I am not here to offend anyone but to say the truth to the people out there to take EXTREMELY care about these sort of scenario as to avoid the same situation like us. I personally think that although we have lost a certain amount of money in this case but we able to gain the experience of there are always people like that in this world that would take advantage of the others person. Moreover, we lost money but gained friendship as this is the most treasure thing we gained in throughout the trip. Life is always full of spicy and I was great that we all come to the conclusion that we bear the lost together as really showing that we, JPD is really a big family no matter sharing of good or bad. Appreciate it!

On that night, we reached at the apartment about 12-1am liao… Thanks god, the apartment is good enough to fit all of us and I am great that the owner allowed me to allocate all of my friend in her apartment. The unit I rented this time was different from last time. My friends said that it was indeed having the home feel. I am great that although 19 of us, non of us slept on floor. Moreover, all slept in air-conditioned room and complaint not because of warm but too cool to be slept at night. At least, this was the cheapest price I could get to allocate all of them.

The next morning, after having our breakfast. We went to the cable car and have fun there. In fact, I went there before and I thought there was nothing excitement for me. However, the environment could really played a role in this trip, different people will have different experience and feeling. Anyway, I enjoyed the trip with this gang of people while in cable car too. Perhaps, may be due to me, if I was not suggesting to walk for a while after lunch in the oriental village. The accident would not happen as heavy raining. Anyway, I believed in fate and I strongly felt sorry if you all got injured in that particular accident due to my little suggestion. Thank God, you all are safe.

May be god would like to challenge our patience and intelligent as well as cooperation. He gave this little obstacle to all of us to test on our EQ and thank to him, our trip will remain a scene that would not be forgotten even time flies. Haha… Things will indeed change when we try to think it in another perspective of thought. The incident is lifeless, it is you the one who is life to determine the good and bad. Try to imagine that after 10 years of graduation, and when the moment we had our gathering, this will be sure as  a hot topic to be discussed and hence this indirectly strengthen our relationship. ” Sweetness bear, bitter also bear together “….. copyright from Joa Bao. wakakakaka….

However, I also still wished to rise awareness here. We really need to behave intelligently when we caught into an accident. Don’t trust on anyone that you are not familiar or even a stranger that offer help 100%. He or she might be the one I said will take advantage of you. Firstly, the gang of people need to cool down and the team leader should condolence the victims if he or she was scared and bring her left the accident spot. Then, call immediately the foreman who you think is trust-able and ask him come immediately for checking the situation of the car. What’s I mentioning here was that the car was rented from third party like through agent or whatever. If you are in Langkawi and touched wood that you have got into an accident… call him 012-4727555, this is my apartment owner, Nissa recommended to me. It may help.

Never believe in anyone that ask you to go back to anywhere but to stay until your foreman come and evaluate the case. Note that, what’s I mentioned here was that if there was minor damage which could not covered by the insurance. Please be careful to read the agreement and be sure to ask the agent if can record it down the term and condition if any accident happened. The case of our agreement was that insurance cover bawah excess RM2000.  Please take note of this statement and be sure you ask her to explain to you clearly to avoid any misunderstood. As insurance was not covered if damage under RM2000 and yet the “owner” of the car asked us to pay exact RM2000. This is indeed something wrong with it as I guessed why so cukup cukup RM2000. Why not more to claim insurance? I doubt.

When the accident occurred, there were a lot of strangers come to see the car and they stand there as group to discuss. This made me felt rather strange. Although the police car passed by, they only asked two questions which are “anyone injured? report liao?” then left. They could not even help further for the accident. We called to the owner as the receipt written her name. All of us requested to go back to airport from where we took the car. We should not leave the car there to be tolled by unknown people as this cannot guarantee our right as the foreman that toll the car might need to take advantage from us too. However, at that moment, we were afraid and without any help from anyone. Hence, this cause us followed whatever be told to us.

When we reached at the airport, the owner with a gang of people about 5-6 of them already waited at the car park and they asked us to pay RM 2000 for the repair. However, all of us really think that this is like being forced to pay and most of us reluctant to pay this amount. We said that wasn’t that the car is permitted and we thought that the car was covered by insurance. However, the owner said to us that the car is on temporary permit and the insurance only covered if damage above RM2000. This is too obvious for all of us that she want to cheat us. The owner also mention that insurance only for the driver not for the car and etc. What’s the fish! This is nonsense to me that you say that above RM2000, there is insurance coverage and yet you said that the insurance just covered for the driver not the car. If there is the case, if the car damage for more than RM 2000, is she the one that bear the cost of repair since that the insurance was only covered for the driver. Then, let me drive the car again and knocked until damage more than RM2000 for you to claim ” whatever insurance you meant !”

Then, all of us come to the agreement to report police and the gang of people from the owner try to frighten us that a lot of problems and etc. yeah… indeed but better still we got to cheat by you! However, we insisted to lapor police yet the gang of people of 5-6 Malay guys said that whether you lapor tak lapor, you still need to pay for RM2000 and later you only allowed to lapor. Damn it! The Gang of people really tiada otak one, if we can pay for the cost why should we report police! Memang tiada otak fikir! Our gang seen not in a good condition, we separated a small group to police station in the airport to lapor in the police station there. At this moment, I received a call from my brother then I mentioned the whole situation to him and at the same time, we asked one of our senior’s father who stayed there to help. After the called, my brother advised me that the maximum we can give to settle the case is RM1300. The situation I saw for the accident’s car was that it was a Sentra Nissan, the front bumper a bit kemek and the front bonnet and side of car crashed. Due to I do not really see the car obviously as it crashed beside the hillside. I expected also that the front light damage too. In fact, when the moment we reached at the bengkel to check on the damage, the truth damage only bonnet and left side car crashed and became kemek. The bumper not even kemek but detached merely. In my point of view, the damage can be settled by hammered back the damage and spray back the print it is more than enough. As my brother also crashed by a police car recently and yet the damage much more serious also with the front light broken also about RM 1300 merely.

Lastly, we acted pity also to cut off the price to at least RM1300. We cried and showed off our empty wallet to her that we really have no more money to pay. Yet the owner really “Do lan dao” she scolded us all and said a lot of !@!#!$#@ to all of us. Look like she was our teacher or what! Bodoh lah that celaka lady, really like to ” big snap ” her. We already settle the agreement with the foreman that we pay RM 1600 for the foreman. The foreman himself although I knew that he “berpihak” to the owner yet he already ok with it liao… However, the devil owner did not want to tolerant and insisted to “play” with us that she want everything to be replaced news. Indeed a daughter of bitch! Damn angry you know, she was not there to settle problem but to create more problem. She thought we afraid of her and she want to keep play with us… If on that day I am feeling well, I sure will “play” with her. She want all news things to be replaced and yet how sure is she that your car was not problem when gave to us. As my friend said that the brek of the car was a bit out of control when down hill. I sure will call the police to settle the case for us, it is not that we do not want to pay is she that want to procrastinate the process until late of night.

At that time, my mother called me and I just returned back to the car for a rest. While this time, things were settled and the settlement was complicated  and in a nutshell to say we have spent RM150+ for the car rental included the fuel. Indeed a great experience. Why should I mentioned it again in my blog is to create awareness among those who go to langkawi for a trip to take 200% care of this issue as you will never know that you might be the next victim. I am not here blamed anyone but the owner, she is really over and I just will bless her ” hou hou take care”.

Anyway, we have gone through it. Money spent to avoid disaster. This will not block our interest in discovering Langkawi. Now only I know the way to revenge is not keep angry but to live better than them. We spent our next day meaningfully. I am glad we can still face the obstacle together and have fun on the next day. Great! Thanks to my gangs to celebrate my birthday as well in Langkawi. 21st years old memorable trip in Langkawi indeed having a special meaning for me.

Thank to the excitement you all bring to me. I am glad and still be cheer even there is bitter in the trip however, there is also sweetness within the bitter. Appreciate it and friendship forever!

Special thanks to… Nissa for helping me and renting me the cheapest rate apartment, mei Xin who organized this trip, Wen Shan who planned for the event, Kim Ten who forgive me for speeding the car and Zu Wei for playing me present. Thanks to the others as well will directly and indirectly contribute in this trip.

It has been a long time that I never touched this blog. It was due to the overloaded assignment and works as well as the approaching final exam. All of this factors lead to one consequence i.e. procrastination of my blog update.

Just to remember the past and to ensure that my memories would not be washed away by the time flies, I need to recall back the incident… the incident that indeed played a tremendous effect on my life personally. The 2th day of hospitalized, it was not an easy task at all, I fought against the death twice at that particular night. The outcome of my condition was not satisfied and the surgeons came early in the morning to check on my profile and they all come out with a conclusion i.e. to do surgery as there was excessive bleeding last night about 3 liter. It was not the whole blood that was bleed out but mixture of body fluid too. I stunned for a while and I said I need to call for my brother to discuss…

I did call and my brother rushed to the hospital immediately after answering my call. At that particular moment, there was really no others choice but to open out my lung to see what was wrong internally. Yes, I said to the doctor after informed my brother. I even signed the agreement by myself right after the decision was made by me. Although doctor also cannot tell me the risk for this surgery and I always thought that they will at least say 50:50 or others. The surgeons said they cannot identify which was wrong inside my lung capacity, thus they cannot guarantee anythings to me. Ok… I said. At that particular moment, I really have 100 and 1% of faith to all the surgeons there. I know they can save me and I will take the operation without any anxious.

All was settled and I was just waited to be pushed into the surgical room. Here was the time, my brother with his girl friend approached me… my brother cried and and said don’t worry lah… I am the one who gotta be “cut”, yet I have not cried and you cry… shame lah… I insisted not to call my parent to come and see me and waited for me out of the surgical room as I knew they will not able to bear it. I said right after all of the surgical done only call them to come… They afraid that I will never come out again… Hence, I even write out my will to be kept by my brother’s girl friend and the nurse saw also tried to give their motivation to me as said that there was someone who had done this kind surgery they able to recover and etc. Thanks to them… It sounds like a drama or series, but I have to tell you that this was what happened on 9.8.2009 early morning at 9am. What are you doing at that moment?

Life is full of sweet and bitter, we need to take both no matter is sweet and bitter. Fear? If I said no, it is just a lie. Yet, I have to say and advise for those who “touch wood” need to undergo these please do not think negative thought in your mind such as I will never see my beloved anymore or I will not going to live but to think I will eat this after the surgery *as I was focused to fast the night before surgery, I will go on tour with your beloved and etc. These all optimistic thought will indeed motivate you and God Bless that you will always be protected.

Sound of cardiogram, chilled air condition occupied the space… I was waken up the cardiogram sound and the first object I saw was the cardiogram machine on my right and my bed is near to the window. The day still bright and I doubt what’s time is it. The next, the nurse approached and offered me a drink. God! It was the most treasure water I ever got since the hour I entered hospital and furthermore, I was being offered Milo too if I want to drink. My brother approached me and asked my condition and I told him I am ok but a bit tired. Morphine was  given to be on my left hand to be pressed whenever I felt pain. When I was in the ICU, the journalist of Metro came and interviewed me and I did it as he just want to create an awareness among the public. In this extend, I am willing to offer my help to him even I was not in a good condition.

Most of my relatives came all the ways from varies places to see me in General Hospital. All of these make me feel touching and indeed treasure to have their support at that moment. I lived one night in ICU and later being transferred back to normal ward SW13 in the evening next day. This is a good sign. I wished to say the pain while I was in ICU was not really cause by the wounds but the urine tube that was being inserted in my penis. Why should I say it out here because I need to advise to all that this indeed a disaster for me for the subsequent day. I have no choice to say I do not want the urine tube as I was unconscious. Once I wake up, while I needed to pee, the feeling is really pain not by the wound but rather the penis as you felt like burn of the urinary tube of your penis and could not even bear as there was high pressure being applied by the narrowing tube of the urine tube that was inserted. Damn pain… I requested the nurse there to take it off immediately I was conscious and in a good condition. You know what, the pain was still remained there even the tube was being removed. The burn layer in the urinary tube within your penis due to the lining layer of tissue was damaged by the external applied tube forcefully inserted will still be felt every time I wished to pee. Indeed disaster… until clotting of blood also will be urinated. What’s the fish !@@#!@#!$#$^&%%&^&%&….

All of the conditions became better as time goes. One by one the chest tube was removed at last I can go to bath by myself as I really felt like damn dirty for not able to take shower for a few days. The spirometer was one of my most vital companion throughout the hospitalized days as I need to blow up 3 balls for at least 10 seconds. Good to have all of the friends and relatives come and see me as well as show their support to me by writing cards, sending me flowers and etc. I appreciated it so much and I was touched to see all of the motivation and support they offered to me. Great to have you all and I strongly believed my speedy in recovery will mostly due to the presence of these groups of people that sacrificed without requesting any return. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Hospital -Day One

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After walked into the ambulance car, the next thing I was required to do is lying down by side. This request was indeed the tough one as my back being slashed and bleeding yet need to lie down…. What to do I need to do it too. Although it was pain but I finally able to cope with it. However, the procedure seemed to be not in other that is I need to take off my shirt before lying down. Again, I need to sit up and take off my shirt. Please my dear, next time, never did it again as it really not an easy task. OK!

The ambulance car’s siren on and the car moved. Believe me, lady and gentleman, the ambulance car is really not a good car to be taken, as it accelerated in a short time and brek in a sudden. Oh God! It was like being fetched by a roller cluster than a car. The emergency team test on my profile like blood oxygen level and etc. They given to me an oxygen tube that was just at a right time as I started to feel difficulty in breathing. The mixing feeling was that I started to lose my conscious due to difficulty in breathing and yet the movement of the car was like drive in the crazy taxi.The unstable movement of my body caused even worst for my situation. I started to fall as sleep, the emergency team woke me up by saying…”Jangan tidur…”

I saw the road as I used to go to faculty, the path I used to walk to makan out through a glass window in front of me. In my thought, I am supposed to be in the lecture hall, however…I am in an ambulance car instead…

The siren stopped and the door opened. I was being pushed into the emergency wad as soon as possible. When I reached in the wad, one of the chinese doctor approached me and quickly first aiding me. As I was lying down aside, I cannot really see what has been done on me by the doctor. What I can really see in my eyes was my right hand was holding a bandage and it has already soaked in blood.

From what I have remembered, during that time, I was really felt the continuous difficulty in breathing. The doctor tried to use my case as a study for those future doctors that are doing their housemanship there. I heard a lot of scientific terms being spoken out and pain filled my hold emotion. The doctor started to apply “something” on me, I guessed there was localized anesthetic injected in the back of mine and he started to use some tool to apply things on my back.

Oh MY GoD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…………………………….Pain………………..Pain…………..Pain……………………….I yelled and said to the doctor……. I even used Tri-language to repeat my pain i.e. mandarin, Cantonese and English. Oh God, the feeling at that moment was that someone drilling me my barely back with a driller. First, I really wondered why should they did that on me, I thought I was  merely be injured at the subcutaneous layer of skin but why should they did the drilling thing on me??? Why? WHY? WhY?….. It is extremely, superior, damn idiot pain… Oh damn devil robber….

At last, the doctor has done his work at my back.The breathing difficulty was not so obvious indeed. However, the pain was still there and it can me really freak out… In my thought, I guessed because of muscle cramped and unrelieved causing me breathing difficulty. That is why the doctor drilled me to further apart my rib by drilling me to insert an skew or whatever to prevent re-cramp and to re-size back my lung. All the above was my guess when I was being drilled. However, it was totally wrong until I saw the tube when I was lying down with my head facing ceiling. Doctor explained to me and the tubes are known as chest tube which are to drained off the internal bleeding inside my lung.

What….A tube being inserted in my body!!!!!!!!!!……You must be kidding my dear lovely doctor………………….What! You have drilled in two tubes some more in my lung….. Oh God!!!!!! What to do? I only can accept the fact that he has drilled in two chest tubes into my left lung. I just think that I need to be sutured the wound merely….However, I was too optimistic in this event. My brother came in with all the anxious face appeared on his appearance. When the moment he saw me lying down like a pity dog being knocked down by a car. He approached me and asked me ” How did you feel? OK?”

The first thing I responded to him was that ” Have you called mum and daddy?” He said ” No”. I answered him great, then wait until all the stuffs being done by the doctor until I was being sent to wad only call them I said. The reason being that I don’t want to let them see me with blood soaking my body and hands. As it may cause them to freak out and might even fainted. I want them to see me at the wad I said to my brother. My brother promised me and myself finally rest in a peace mind and cool down my mind to wait for the next procedure being done by the doctors.

One of the doctor perhaps approached me and said, “See Hoe, I need to measure the wound at the your back. Do you know what, he inserted his finger into my wound and lucky he has worn gloves. He said- 4cm. I said, what???? 4cm? The depth you meant…. Oh god…… Then, I was transferred to the X-ray center within the emergency wad to have my X-ray scan. Bad luck really stroke my family. Just as I was having my X-ray scan, my brother received a call from my mum saying that she was being stolen her purse in the wet market. All of the sudden, I was stunted and really have a blank mind of what had happened. Oh My God! Two bad things happened at the same day, it really unbelievable to me.

Fortunately, the thief did not hurt my mum and this made me relieved a lot. After X-ay scanned, I was be sutured my back by the housemanship doctor there. It took long time to finish and I even asked the doctor…” Do you have a handphone that has camera function?” WHY? I asked them to help me to snap photos of my back to see clearly my wound… What the fish right!!! Haha… I saw my wound in the screen was not that long so I thought it was just a minor injury and I thought it may recover within in a couple a day merely. However……

A special thanks to Seng Hai, my brother’s friend who rushed to hospital after knew my incident and helped up my stuff. Really appreciate what you have done! After all done, I was being transmitted into normal ward for further observation. All my clothes was taken off and remaining the underwear merely, this is the first ever time I half-naked in front of the others since I was mature. Luckily, the nurse are professional in the sense they did their job in well and covered me using a cloth to send me to the ward for observation.

After all, I reached at my ward and it was SW13. When the time I reached my bed site, I was satisfied with the condition as it was near to the window and the air circulation is indeed an advantage. My brother wished me to get a better ward but not like the general hall class 3 one as he wanted me to rest well. He tried to ask the nurses and doctor to transferred me into a better room. However, due to the reason I was a serious case that need intensive care from nurse and 24 hours on duty doctor for first aids, I was required to stay at this until my situation change to be safe.

So, I said to my brother I am ok with the condition here and I said no need to transition out. In my thought, I really worried about the hospitality fees here as I thought it must be expensive and I wished to save the money too. I was told that Mandy has brought my parents to the hospital, I said “OK, let them in.” I could see my parents were like out of witnessed appearance to walk near towards me. Especially my mum, she was like near to cry when saw me lying down as a pity dog on bed. I tried to convince them I am alright, just that need to get observation before any further things being decided. I asked Mandy to brought me CP book so that I could contact my course mate regarding my case and to settle off the duty given to me to bring my speaker for JPD Interaksi Day.

It was a day that was highly vital for me as I never have a chance to get myself involved as last year, I had involved in VC Cup. This year again, I lost the chance because of this incident. What to do, hope that next year I still have chance again to involve. The biggest suffer I could say when I was in SW13 was that I was labeled in the categories of “Berpuasa”. THIS WORD really make me freak off as I was damn thirsty even in the emergency ward as profusely bleeding causing your blood to be concentrated and in a dehydration state. However, the most difficult thing I face throughout the first day was that I was not allowed to “DRINK & EAT”. Eat was not the issue here but I was desperately demand for water, however, I was restricted directly not to drink.

Can you imagine lady and gentlemen, you are in a dehydration state and you saw water yet cannot drink. The feeling was like you wish to bite your own mouth by using your teeth to get the blood as water source. The nurse will keep saying that you are OK with the IV tube as it will prevent you from dehydration. However, the IV tube was inserted into my blood vessel and my throat and mouth as well as lips were dry until the lips formed layers that can be peeled off whenever you try to moisture your lips. The nurse only allowed you to use a very little water to moisture up your lips. However, the effect was not that efficient as it dry off quickly. Just imagine, you are in a dehydration state in your upper esophagus started from 11am until the next morning. However, you are not allowed to even drink or swallowed any fluid into your throat. The feeling was damn frustrated and yet you need to follow as well as cooling down yourself to be got emo.

Hate This " PUASA" word Tremendously!!

Hate This " PUASA" word Tremendously!!

The next suffer for me was the oxygen tube. In my own experience, I found that there was an obvious difference between the oxygen given in emergency ward than in normal ward. As the discomfort of wearing the oxygenated tube as it was damn warm when you wear it. The description was like you are wearing at least 3 masks at once and the warm exhaled gases trapped in the cover of the oxygenated tube. The oxygen given in the emergency ward was cool but the oxygen in normal ward was warm. I even asked the nurse why is it so? They just kept silent and said is the same.

Until a level, I even pulled off the oxygen tube quite of moment of time and the nurse scolded me why you removed it as you see the oxygenated blood in your body ids low, you need oxygen. As time past, it was already at night. The policy in General Hospital was that time to visit is up to 193o merely. I knew that I must ask my family to leave me now and my mum refused to do so. Although a family member is allowed to stay however, I said to my mum that : “No! You go back home and take rest lah…what’s the point you stay here with me? Better go back and cook something for me tomorrow!”. However, in my deep heart, I was really wishing she could as she is my support. But, I could not be so selfish as she is elder now, she might not have enough stamina to be with me for the whole night. Hence, I have to really thought of her rather than me.

Breathing difficulty was the most suffer thing throughout that night. As I said just now the oxygen tube was given to me and I felt not comfortable with and I took it off. The consequence was that the breathing difficulty onset and caused me to near fatal! YES, you did not see it wrong is “FATAL!”. I requested the oxygen to be opened as maximum as possible due to that I really faced short breathing. However, the first doctor that approached-DR. V, told me that she could not do it as the excessive oxygen given will cause the patient feel dozed off and sleepy. Indeed, I experienced it frequently after the adjustment of my oxygen gas to be maximum.

Dr. V is the first doctor that handle over my case and even saved me twice when late at night as I really could not breath and I called the nurse for help. I saw Dr. V approached me, however the next symptom onset that was slowly, I could not hear the voice, and my visual become blur at last dizzy and lost conscious. Twice in a night…. Could you imagine that I even got myself emo when I started to hate myself and even cried out in front of the nurse and doctor said that ” why? why me? I am just a student and…… I … I….

Dr. V woke me up when I dizzying and lost my conscious. She said loudly and shake my shoulder…See Hoe, wake up, don’t sleep! Fortunately, I have a doctor beside me when I was suffering and she brought me back to this world once again. Thanks to Dr. V again.

Next, the other appreciation I wished to say is to my uncle, Alfred that really rushed to see me when I was in the normal ward. He came to help up and communicate with the doctors to know my situation better. I did t expect he was the first relative of mine to reach and offer his help. He even prayed for me although we are came from different religion. Anyway, THANKS to my uncle, Alfred especially the drinks and food as well as fruit you bought.

After all settle down, my brother and Seng Hai helped me to log a police report and the police came personally to see me in the ward. Before that, a sarjan from Dang Wangi Police Station also did visit me personally and said to me whether I could recognise the robbers or not. He even asked me to go and make a artificial facial reformed later once I discharged.

Another incident I wished to say it here and praise through here is that the doctor in General Hospital really born with a golden heart. They might look extremely serious and extra but in their depth heart they are in born with sincere and love to all patients. Saturday, it supposed to be a holiday for certain doctor but for my case, I heard that the doctors willing to cancel off his and her holiday with their family and back to this not a first class ward place to look at my situation. Perhaps, you might say it is their responsible in doing that but for me it is also their right do not come back too. Really, I have nothing to say but from my bottom of my heart I appreciate so much.

One pregnant doctor came and looked in my condition when I was at sleep. During that time, she asked a lot of questions to the doctor on duty regarding my situation and I was like merely listen to it. She said that chest tubes were not in a right position and hence the blood fluid retained in lung and failed to drain out from the chest tubes. Patient suffered short breathing and low oxygenated level. After she reposition and made some adjustment on my chest tubes, what’s a miracle, I felt much more better and I started to breath back in normal.

I said to her ” Is my situation serious? She said and explained to me that if the blood kept retained in lung, it will be dangerous to me and I need to prastise to blow up 3 balls in the Spirometer . Unfortunately, I only managed to blow up 2 balls the maximum. And it really hard for me to blow up to the 3th ball, not even once. What’s a disaster!!! Just to let you all know my situation at that moment, X-ray could not clearly show the problem inside my lungs. However, it shown the cloudiness in my left lung and in normal circumstance, it should not have. Moreover, the bottom shape of my left lung be covered by the cloudiness and caused irregular shape of the lung. When I was in the SW13 ward, my back wound has been sutured and my right hand with the injuries caused by holding the Rambo’s knife was still remained until sutured by the OT.

The mixing feeling of mine when I was alone in the hospital without accompany was indeed a pain for me. However, due to rational thinking I must do it and let my family members to get as much rest so that they could carry on their day routine. Me? The injury can be extremely pain until you wish to bang yourself to the wall to lose conscious. However, when the moment you see your most closed family sitting aside you and looking at you suffering, you would be much more unwilling to let them gone through that. I really could not take it and I chose to face it all by myself. You might say I am awesome yet I think I just wish to be selfish in the sense that not share my suffer with the one I love the most…. Pain is there but self motivation is your ultimate skill to overcome the pain and I, myself has done it and I prayed to THE GOD to answer for my call!

To be continued…

The Incident on 8.8.2009

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A long story to start off and i think today is the most suitable time for me to reveal the whole story to all my friends out there who really concerned about me. The suitable time I mentioned is meant that my mid semester exam has just passed and I am free now with the full time resting at home.

Retrospect the incident, I need to bring you back to 8.8.2009. It might be a good time to remember or means a lot to you, but my tragedy started that day. It was indeed a special day for me in fact, as I was being asked to The Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Kuala Lumpur & Selangor to be interviewed by the scholarship committees there which is located near Jln. Ampang. It was Saturday morning around 0930 I reached at the venue with the help of my brother to fetch me there. The interview finished around 1030 and I have another lecture at 1100 which is known as Khidmat Masyarakat. I walked for about 10 minutes to reach the nearest Putra LRT i.e. Jelatek station and I wished to take a transition from Putra LRT to Monorail as my final destination is Chow Kit. The nearest station I could make the transition is Dang Wangi.

Frankly speaking, I never been there before and I have no idea is the transition need to be done out of the station or within the station itself. What’s the main thing in my mind was that I am late and need to rush back to my faculty. I walked out from the station and I saw a road and a footbridge right in front of me. I could not see the monorail station and I doubted. I returned back into the station again and asked at the counter. They directed me the way and I walked out and rushed to the monorail station. Just when I walked up to the footbridge, I saw two guys standing aside at the edge of the other end corner of the footbridge. There was people in front of me and I was the last person. I could not think much and looked at my watch, it shows 11am. At that moment of time, I really did not have any time to think of the two guys who at the end corner side of the footbridge. What was in my mind was that I am late and need to be quick. Just at the moment I wished to walk down to the footbridge at the end corner, the two guys approached me. One of them heading a Rambo’s knife towards my stomach and I grabbed it in an instant respond. The other one of the guy with his arm cross over my neck and started to search around my pants for items. I was be robbed my wallet and PDA phone. Just at the time they were searching my belonging, I saw people came from the other end of the footbridge and I immediately screamed for help.

Help! Help! Help! Tolong! Tolong! Tolong!…. I yelled and the robbers got my things and ran. The one who robbed my items ran to the Putra LRT direction and the one with Rambo’s knife ran towards the Monorail direction. I guessed they were afraid and ran away. During that moment of time, my physiological respond took over my feeling and I was in the  “Fight and flight” condition. My emotion was like being overwhelming with strength and in my thought I just would like to catch that robber who has Rambo’s knife on his hand. Not because I wanted my things back (I guess) as the items were taken by his other partner and ran far away. It is just that I wished to catch him due to he has injured me. The courage I got was from no way and I guessed it might came from that I think I have successfully got the attention of the public when I screamed. I thought there will be somebody that willing to help me and catch the robber. I was so native to think that there will be at least one of the public will approach to me and help me catch the robber, hence I threw my bag towards the running robber and it really hit him. As I mentioned, there was people walked from the other end of the footbridge right when I was being caught and searched by the robbers. I recalled back them and I quickly returned back to ask them quickly help me to catch the robber who hit by my bag. The most stupidest ever thought of myself was that get someone to help me. I was damn native to think that the people will really come help me. However, selfish and indifference were the only thing I got from the public. The people ran away from the other end of the footbridge. I was shocked and stunted for a few seconds for the action of the people. OMG, at that moment of time I felt like I was being betrayed. Just I was back into my thought again with the robber, just when I returned back and I was being slashed at my back below my scapula area.

You might ask me, is it pain? Wow god, you being slashed? What’s the fish the devil done? Pain was not the feeling for me right at that moment until I myself be settled down. I was taught since secondary school…”Fight and flight” mechanism and on that day, I experienced it. The feeling of you at that moment of time is the emotion took over your rationale. You are indeed like involuntary movement by your emotion. I was extremely conscious even after being slashed at my back. Bleeding? It never happened to be in my thought in any single second. The robber ran away towards the direction of the Dang Wangi Putra LRT station side (Remember that he ran away towards monorail side at first, and I threw my bag then he slashed me back & at last ran towards Putra LRT direction.) The feeling of mine after being slashed was just being hit my an object and the strength was like someone slap your back just to say Hi to you!

When I was returned my mind in a seconds after being slashed. I looked around to search for the robber. I saw him just ran down and slow his motion as “walked”. Lady and gentleman is “WALK ” with his bag behind like nothing happen and behave like a kindergarten’s child with hands holding the bag’s holders and  walked like toe tip style. God, please give me a pistol and allow me to shoot him down at that moment. However, I have nothing but with my awesome loud voice to yell and scream like a crazy guy on the footbridge…”Help, help, help, tolong….. and even pointed my fingers towards the robber and say…” Pencuri… *and I thought again not right he is not pencuri but perompak … With my all strength I screamed again my last three words with my pointing finger pointed towards the robber who walked with his toe tip style. I saw quite a number of people around Putra LRT, roadside and down the footbridge. Yet, no body will offer his or her help to volunteer and catch the robber. I was slashed and yet I still with my last word yelled at the people to catch the robber. And what was the  return for me is indifference and people all stood up like singing Negaraku and staring at me, some with mouth open and some with hand phone on hands. What was the feeling of the robber if you are the robber? Scared? Nervous? I guess for me if I was the robber, I was like the king of the world as even I was accused loud and clear that I am the robber, yet no people come and catch me. So what? You all not brave to catch me and I can walk slowly as I want.

I would say THE BIGGEST MISTAKE I make was to ask for help. If I do not returned and asked for the people quickly come and help me to catch the robber after I threw my bag, I would not slash at my back. As my bag hit him until his cap also dropped, so you can image if at that moment of time I kicked him down from the top stair (*as the robber was at the mid way of the stairs) and let help fall from the stair to the ground and throw my bag again at him and grab over his knife when he is staggering. Then, I used my buttock to apply my hundred and thousand momentum plus acceleration in 1000km/hr to step on his back and use my left hand to push down his head. I guessed all the following incident and suffer I have been through will never be in my chapter of life. The biggest mistake was I trusted teacher so much as they used to say when primary school yell scream for help when you are in danger. However, when the moment of time you did it in real, it was totally out of the expectation. Selfishness, indifference and isolation were the return of all the efforts of screaming and yelling.

I just be so native to think that they will help me, please lah… today society where do we have Wong Fei Hong? Taking movie recording meh… But, I want to say “IF” one of the public help me at least throw something to the robber either a stone or an umbrella or a helmet and the others try to do the same and the remaining screaming for help and ask more people to come and help. Perhaps, the robber would not be still walking in his toe tip style and in the enjoyed motion. Or even more you help me to scream  for help and I would really appreciate it. As can you imagine a person that was slashed and with his right hand hold the knife before still able to screamed for help, and wishing the public would actually help to catch the robber. Not because I want to get my things back that is why I want you all to catch the robber, is because he has knife, a person that suspected murder or injured other people. The wallet and my PDA handphone were already ran away by his other partner, he is the one I wish to catch to avoid other cases like me happened again. That is why and the only intention for me at that moment. People around me said, when next time, give them lah…. don’t try to fight back. Yeah, I have gave them, and the one reason I wish to fight back is not because I want my items back but I wish to catch the one that injured me. In fact, the one who got my belonging have ran away far already. the robber who has knife was still there. Can you imagine that if letting this devil ran away now, will it be another case as same being done by him? How about the victim? If the victim is a she and be raped or killed? Unfortunately, the she is the one you know and very closed to her. Even worst, she is your relative or what…

I am not here to cuss you or what. The unpredictable thing will happen in anytime anywhere without signs. If this devil being caught now,  it will be the most suitable time as I am the victim that can recognize his face and with my injures and other evidence to accuse him to court is really as easily as moving a finger than caught him later. A person with knife is horror but the indifference of the people today make me felt much more shiver and chill. I was slashed yet I still want to scream, you might think I am stupid but this is the one thing I could do and I wish someone can help me. However, the answer is cruel and totally unexpected. Do you think that a person being slashed and still yell was not pain? When I yelled for my last three words…Perompak ..Perompak…Perompak… Each yell, I could heard the “shzzzzz….” sound but I still have to because I want you help to catch the robber, don’t let him escaped. The “shzzz….” sound was not be created by the environment surrounding me but it was the blood flushing out from the wound and it caused the “shzzz…..” sound whenever I yelled in my whole throat. At my third yell, I knew I should stop as I saw blood came out profusely and I looked again my right hand it was red and the blood dripping down. I followed the dripping blood and I saw a large spread of blood on the floor. I stopped and got myself in control and peace my mind.

The one thought in my mind at that moment was to stop the bleeding. Guess what I have done? Nothing but just grab my right hand as tight as possible and my left hand crossed over my back to hold my bloody cloth with the wound as pressure as possible to reduce the profuse blood lose of mine. During that time, people walked up to the footbridge and saw me. Guess what again, they ran away after saw me with the bloody hand and clothes. Again, this incident taught me another lesson, the indifference of the public today. Nothing I can do but again shout out in a moderate tone just to ask somebody to help me as there were people standing down the footbridge. I said,“ Somebody Help! Can you called the police and ambulance please! At first some response and helped me called from far with his and her mobile phone on their respective ears. Then another young chinese couple came and saw me with the bloody body, at first they ran away immediately and I tried to convince them with my own voice by saying ” I am just a student rushing for lecture? Please somebody help me… Oh God, please help!!!”

I guessed due to my above description, they have the second thought in their mind that is I am not Ah Long that being slashed but really a student. Without my notice, they returned back to me. (As during that time I really restricted myself to move another step as I afraid it may cause another profusely bleeding. Hence, I sat on the staircase and used my voice as the medium tool to spread out my pity Help voice). They asked me what to do and how to help. Oh God, finally I met with someone that is more humanity than anyone of the others who just ran away. I asked them to call the police and ambulance. Then, later I asked them to help me call my brother. They got him and I can even talk to him on phone by saying … “Brother, I was robbed and got injured in Dang Wangi Station… Faster came and see me…. I called the ambulance….”

Then, after a while, police came. You must be laughing in this scene that the police exactly patrolling around this area. Some want they got out from their police car, they were in fact holding weapon like AK 41 firearm. Then, the Chinese couple leaved. When the two police came, I told them what were left by the robber- a cap and a Rambo’s knife cover. I must be watching a lot of forensic drama, I thought they will use glove to pick up the evidence left by the robber. However, they don’t and just used they hands barely. I thought this evidence was indeed useful when came to fingerprint and hair analysis as the cap was dropped too. Whatever lah… they asked me regarding the robber direction of ran way, I showed them yet was like nothing much they could help. They saw a bag and a show on staircase, they asked me and I answered that it is my bag and I admitted that I have threw at him. The police asked me again my first degree relative handphone number, I gave them my father and my brother one. All of sudden, I thought it was not a suitable time to call my father yet so I immediately ask them to call my brother first instead of my father as I knew that he will be out of witnessed or even “pengsan” when heard my incident.I reminded the police once again I said ” Jangan call saya punya bapa ….jangan call saya punya bapa dulu, call abang saya dulu….”

Just at that time, the ambulance came and emergency team came to help me. You know what, can you image I still can walk slowly from the staircase with my right hand grabbing as tight as possible and my left hand cross over my back, applied pressure as high as I could and walked to the ambulance car. Right at that time, the pain overwhelming my senses. It was pain indeed.

In this whole morning, I was like totally lost my mind on what I have met. Fortunately, in this incident, there are people still with a golden heart and offered their help to me to call the police and ambulance as well as my brother. Really thanks to the Young Chinese Couple that have offered help to me. Endless appreciate to them and just for my reader information, I got contact with them already here is the link to his blog. He seemed to be a businessman but he is current in UTAR for Marketing course. if anything you wish to buy, just contact him then…Haha…Help to advertise a bit lah for my “orang budi berjasa”!!

Same goes to one Indian lady and man who came and offer their help to help me contact the police too. Unfortunately, I have no contact of them, if not I really want to say thank you to them from the bottom of my heart. And one more thing which can be classified lucky too that was the robber did the stab was not stab across my body from posterior to anterior by from medial to lateral. Moreover, I should praise the police and ambulance team as the whole incident spent me about 20 minutes to be reached at the hospital since the first called to the police station.

In this incident, it inspired me one thing that is you must remember at least one or two hand phone number of your family member. Next, if you are still in conscious mood, please try to call someone that is more younger first like my case -my brother. They will probably handed the case much more efficient and without panic. If the first call of mine is to my father, I guess he must be pengsan already… Then, don’t sleep and must control your breathing as well as emotion…stay tough and endless fear on the blood… try to think they are just all Ferum that came from meat and vegetable like bayam and etc. Cool down you mind whenever you feel uncomfortable. The most important thing is that, immediately stop the bleeding my applying extra pressure or what so ever to minimize the blood lose as your body could not take it.


To be continued…

My Second Cake Experience

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I was free and boring throughout this week. I just had my training yesterday. It is another new project I will accept this week. It is Nestle Nesvita 3 in 1 cereal drink. My sampling will be mainly green tea variant.  Hence, it will be indeed a good breakfast as I like green tea variant. Anyway, this will not be the topic I will like to discuss here. My topic of today is “steaming” cake. You must be wondering why is the term “steaming” was used. The reason behind is because steaming is the method of making the cake. The name of the cake is Chocolate Marie Biscuits Cake and it was my second experience of making cake.

For your information, the recipe was given by my auntie. She highly recommended this cake to me as it is the easiest cake and the ingredients are common to be found in the market. The recipe is as follow:-
a) 250g butter, softened
b) 200g caster sugar
c) 5 eggs
d) 250g Marie biscuits, ground
e) 2 tbsp cocoa powder

Right! The ingredients are commonly found! Thus, it will be my choice to kick starting my first trial in making cakes and cookies. I bought the ingredients yesterday and I found that the ingredients were not really expensive about RM15. The ingredients I have bought were in excess. Therefore, it still remains quite a lot for my next trial. Let’s talk about the process!

Firstly, I added butter and caster sugar and stirred it with stirrer. Perhaps, owing to the reason of I had frozen the butter; the butter is hard to be stirred. However, with my stirrer, the ingredients were mixed until creamy. The definition of creamy in my point of view is that the colour of the mix becomes whitish and the texture is smooth. Next, eggs are added one at a time and mix well. One of my observations after the eggs were added is the mixture yield higher viscosity and color changes back to golden yellow as well as the volume of mixture keeps increasing as the subsequent egg is added. The explanation from me is that egg consists of emulsifying property. Thus, the mixture will change the texture as time passed.

Thirdly, I sifted the Marie biscuit’s powder and added into the mixture to form a thick batter. After the mixture was stirred until smooth, I separated the batter into 3 portions. One of them was mix with cocoa powder. After all of the above being done, it is time for the steaming process. I pour one portion of the batter into a cake pan which greased with oil. Then, I steamed it for 10 minutes. However, I found the batter was not cook well. Thus, I steamed the batter for another 5 minutes. Owing to this is my first time of preparing this cake; I was not sure how to determine the doneness of the first layer of the batter.

I added on the subsequent cocoa batter on top of the first batter. I found that I had done a mistake that was the first batter was not cooked. And I found it rather difficult to spread for the second cocoa layer. As the first layer was soft and once I spread the second layer, the first layer was spread simultaneously. Hence, I found it rather like a rojak that mixing two different layers together.

Right at that moment, my focus was to spread the second layer thoroughly on top of the first batter. Although it appeared to be rojak in varies spots, but I still be able to finish spreading of the cocoa batter. I have once thought of throwing the cake into the dustbin. However, I told to myself that I need to finish spreading even it appeared to be unappetizing. As this was my effort for the whole morning just to stir and mix the ingredients together with my empty stomach as I was too excited to making the cake until not yet even had my breakfast at 12pm. Fortunately, the outcome of the second layer after steamed was not that terrible and even quite good in appearance. The moral of the story are persevere and focus the goal that was first initiated.

The last layer of batter was spread and steamed for about 15 minutes. One of the tips given by the recipe is that assure the first layer of batter was cooked before adding the next. However, I failed to do this and it made me quite nervous what was the outcome of my trial in steaming cake. Anyway, another tip from my personal view is that the fire to steam the cake must be big to make sure sufficient heats are given to cook the entire cake. In addition, you need to make sure your water will not dry off due to excessive heating process.

To have a look what’s the result of my first trial in steaming Chocolate Marie Biscuits Cake, I guess the photos below able to explain the outcome better than my description. For your information, the photos and the garnishes were my DIY production.

Chocolate Marie Biscuits Cake

Chocolate Marie Biscuits Cake

Hence, I can say this is 100% William Ng ®. Wakakaka…


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Without wondering, my one month holiday passed. What have I done throughout the month? I really have no idea. I was supposed to work yet unable to find a suitable job that really fit my intention to stay only two months as I am in my semester break currently. Most of the employer heard that I merely able to work for a short period of time. Most not really want to accept me, even I am qualified to be their staff.

I guess one of the problems for me is that I am too honest. Whenever during the interview, the interviewer asked “how long you can work?” The answer will always be two months as I really have less than two months I can work for them in fact. However, if I could tell lie; I could have worked the first day of being interviewed. Unfortunately, I just could not get myself telling lie just for a job because I know the employer will be going to suffer after my resign. He or she will need to put on the advertisement in the newspaper for the Job Vacancy.

Another situation I found is that they will be disadvantage if you are university student yet applying for a job like promoter in Time Square. As they will usually ask you “what do you study first?” I have this experience that I went to Isetan in Lot 10 for interview as a sale promoter for clothes. The interviewer asked me and I told her. She asked me back a question which might sound really weird, “Do you have any fashion sense?” I was out of witnessed how to reply and I said that this is my first job as a promoter and I wished to experience variety of working environment. The reply from her was that “OMG, you never as a promoter yet you still dare and come and apply for this position?” The first impression from me was that you are so weird indeed, why not a 20 years old “teenager” to be a promoter? But, I did not speak it out and I kept silent.

So, as a university student, you are not top up on the hill. You will still have the opportunity being hurt by someone out there. Not saying that she was wrong to comment me, because what she was thinking was that she does not want to employ a newbie to work for her. In this case, there is no wrong or correct comment; it is just what and which position you are looking in this issue. I can only say there is not everyone out there really willing to give opportunity to newbie. If they are willing to offer to you a chance of learning is all your luck, if they do not; they really have the right to do so.

In fact, I found that not everything in this earth happened in the way we planned. At the very first place, I planned to work 2 jobs together in a day to earn extra money. A part time teacher in primary school and a promoter in The Store near Pudu area, yet I failed to do so. I found that my first intention to be a teacher is really wrong. I thought to involve myself in education will fit my standard as a university student. However, I was so naïve in this context. I really spent about 2 weeks time just finding something did not have any pay back. I was indeed disappointed until a level I admitted to myself that I am a failure, a job also cannot find by me. During that period of time, I found that if I finish my study, yet I face the same problem of finding job, I will be more stressful than now.

Anyway, I found it great to have gone through that few weeks of despair time and I was so lucky that I still have my family members to support me. I have interviewer for a job as teacher in OUG and nearly want to sign up, however due to the reason they signed me up is for part time and the working areas are too far as well as transport needed to prepare by ourselves. I found that it really sounded like very untruthful as they advertised for a full time teacher and on that day itself before we discuss the agreement, he did ask for his staff has anyone to recommend to work as full time in the center. However, when I asked “can I convert myself to be a full time teacher?” *as full time teacher can be paid as high as RM1500-RM2000 as settled in the newspaper.  The answer is no and he said that he has enough person. So, what was I said here is the trick being used by the persons today. Hence, just be careful to be cheated sometime.

Next, I went to interview as a sole assistant in Genting with my friends. I found that Genting is a big company so is also a good shelter for person like me. At first I wished to interview as the Guest Service Customer position. However, it was limited to permanent working staff merely. At first, I really have no idea what do I need to do as a sole assistant. After the interview, I was told that it needs to work in casino for the gambling machine “Lou Hu machine”. Due to the reason of the salary is low and I found that I could find the same offer here in KL, hence I reluctant the offer at my final decision.

At last, I worked for e- Promode which is an agent company for training promoter to supermarket and hypermarket. Since the day I have joined the company, I have worked on a project with the duration 2 weeks only weekend. To be a promoter in the hypermarket and supermarket, it is not as hard as I thought. The product training is the easiest as due to the reason I have received a product that really fit what I have studied. The project is a Nestle Nesvita Omega Plus, it is basically an adult milk product. So, the focus group will be basically range from age 19 to 50 years old. They are my target!

You really have no idea what was the feeling of being the first day promoter. Moreover, my working place is in Jusco Maluri. Yes, you do not see wrongly, it is in Jusco where is well known because of its strict rules. However, the rules not really effective to me as I always fulfill it for example no highlighted hair, no long fingernail and etc. May be I was studied in MBS before, I found it really is not a big duel to me. Wahahaha…

I was not guided to the working place, I was out of my idea where is the entrance for staff, I was doubt that I able to bring hand phone inside my working place and etc, etc……

These were my first worry when starting off my work. I was given a contact number that she is the “senior there”. She might be able to help me to settle my problem. I was told that I need to prepare the samples in chill. Hence, I was told to buy mineral water to prepare the sample. I was not tasted the milk product before, hence I really have no idea what will be the favor and taste of that milk product.

First day of work, I felt like pain in my both legs after the 8 hours working time. I had never been a promoter before due to one of the reason is that it requires standing which might be a kind of trouble for me. However, I felt better for the next day of work as I think I have adapted to it. Luckily, I have someone really helped me a lot whenever I faced any problems; she is Jyu Yann, a young girl who will be in university soon. She is nice and helpful as well as easy to interact with and I felt like she is my friend but not my colleague.

In fact, I was quite enjoyed in this project and learnt a lot from my mistakes too. It made me knew how to promote and approach to strangers easier if I would like to promote my own products in future. Moreover, the product that I promoted was having strong selling points for me to make the sales. Thus, I will usually make my sale target which is 30 pax for everyday.

The selling point are this product is the first Malaysian Milk Product that having a triple goodness. Firstly, it contains omega3 and 6 for maintaining a better heart condition. Secondly, it does consist of Acticol which is a kind of plant sterol that functions in lower down the bad cholesterol in the body if we consume it. Scientists proved that it able to reduce 7% of the bad cholesterol in the body after 30 days consumed. Thirdly, it is high in calcium and if you take 2 glasses a day, day and night; you will be able to receive 100% of the recommended daily intake of the calcium. Furthermore, it is reduced fat milk product; it simply means that it contains 60% low fat composition if relative to full cream milk. Hence, you will not need to worry that drinking this milk product will make you gain weight. In addition, you can have this product in other fit other purposes for example cooking. We knew that “santan” is not healthy to us; hence I am here to recommend to you this product to cook curry for an example.

Generally, the above are all my selling points. Therefore, if you are nutritional aware persons, you should be able to accept this product easily and they used to ask me question like “what is the difference between your products with Anlene?” I could not make a direct comparison in this case due to sensitive issue like conflict with the promoter of Anlene. So, usually what I will do is that I will reemphasize my selling point 1 and 2. The reason being that as mentioned before this is the first Malaysia product that having the triple goodness, hence usually the clients will accept and might end with grabbing one for a trial.

I can roughly classify the customers into three groups. One is that they are money minded as like me; the price will still be the ultimate determinant for purchase. In this case, we have to cut down the long elaboration of the facts and faster straight to the point-promotion price/ cut down how much/ save how much and etc. If you keep telling him or her facts, perhaps your customer will just stop you from continuing your elaboration.  If you straight to the point, perhaps they will consider your product and stop for another 30 seconds for the decision making on hold period for you. This will be the golden time for me to start attack  clients with the benefits and need to enlarge the picture of promotion in their mind so they will buy your product. Hence, here is the technique I will use for convincing my customer.

Next, the other group will probably like what I have said just now, they really inquiry the benefits of having your products. They do not mind to spend their money on product but they want the value in spending too. Hence, this group of people will need extra elaboration of the facts. For example, create the scenario of the seriousness of the heart disease as first Malaysia killing disease that killed a lot of Malaysian. Owing to this reason, Nestle is more focused on this issue and came out with this product, this is a 3 in 1 product as it will maintain your heart, bone and artery as well as veins in your body. For me, I really thinks this is a wonderful experience for me especially when I need to counseling my clients in future as dietitian.

The third group of people will be mixed of first and second group, this is more likely to be the challenging part as they will not decide based on one factor but more than that, hence it might need more passion to convince them.How to judge among these three groups of people? The answer is experience helps me to make a general judgment at first glance!

Anyway, I felt happy to have this as my job. In term of learning a new thing, I am able to have flexibility of working time merely on weekend although I might sacrifice my plan to go out somewhere during weekend.