3nd Year Senior: New Episode of Life

Posted: July 11, 2010 in Uncategorized

Without wondering, I am in my 3nd year now.  I do not have class for my very first day of my new semester, perhaps it make me more alert of World Cup. The competition will end today and the world is waiting for the match which start at 2.30am. Everyone is willing to bear the tiredness just because of this competition. In fact, football is not my favorite sport yet as the atmosphere is so hot of this, I followed the trend just like other people. The battle between Spain and Holland (Netherland) 2010.

Back to my topic. Again I always started with the same thing, it has been a long time I never post any update of mine. Main reason is due to laziness. I was on my holiday for 2 and a half month and it was ended on11 July 2010. During my holiday, it was a long rest indeed for me. Before the holiday, I was stressful for tonne of activity loads and studies. As usual, I did my revision nearly the last minute. It was planned previous that I must start to do revision and be hardworking for this semester but unfortunately it never be achieved. I think it is mainly due to my personally arrangement, I could had done it better if I want. Regret? I think no, but need to work hard for the coming new semester. However, challenge for this coming new semester is the club activities as due to the reason I am the new coming president of JPD Club. Wahoo! What’s a big position!

Yeah, I took this position because I was chosen, I reluctant it once, but I retook this position again. The reason behind is that I wish to make something different in my study life besides after all of academic achievement. As a president, the responsibility is indeed huge but I will do it as much as I could to lead and run my roles as a team leader of my committee members. That is why, I spent my holiday all with proposal, paper work, letter, approached of authorities and dueling with various people to get things done. Fortunately, I still have a supportive team to backup me even I called them out for helping me at the eleventh hour. They gave their commitment and effort without asking a return. Although, some of them might misunderstood my intention but I will not make any further justification because I really treated them as my friend, my fellow friend. I still remembered the day I need help, support, the friend offer me his hand to help. Hence, I really treasured the friendship we got until this day. Just one thing I wish to say, there is no true or false in the issue, but there is just different point of view.

Let’s talk something happy, after a long fighting for scholarship, I finally managed to get Maxis scholarship. It was indeed a long assessment for the recipient but everything is worth when the day I received a phone call that announced me as the recipient. Nothing could describe my feeling but happy. Beginning the day of entering university, I never stop looking around for scholarship. The Maxis scholarship just came into my life at the right time and I was glad and wish to say thank you to Maxis to give me this chance to make my path of study to be smoother. Mixing feeling of excitement and fun, I were required to go for a photo shooting section. The precious experience was my first life to be as artist or model with make up, stylist, hair master to “brand” me. Hahaha… but the most treasure part was to get to know other recipients of this Maxis Scholarship. Then, our nice photo was printed out as posters and be hanged everywhere in the awarding ceremony in JW Marriott. It was indeed a Hollywood star function and all of the recipients were treated as VIP. This was shown when the moment we stepped near to the board poster, your vision in front was full with flash light from various directions. A great life experience for me.

During the holiday, I spent my time nearly on JPD Club affairs like preparing paper work for Interaction Day Internal and Cross Uni. Besides, looking around for sponsorship and I managed to get help from Nestle through Ms. Lee, 3 hampers with Nestle products. Advising my junior for the activities and etc. Although it was not stressful but it will be a bit lazy when people tell you to work when holiday. Hahaha… so I really appreciate my team for lending their hands to me.

Another job experience I think I will never thought to have it in my life if it was not my relative. Guess what? I worked in LAUNDRY/ Dobi as staff. Could you ever imagine that a gentleman/ a boy worked in Dobi?? I will never thought myself to work as that in my whole life. However, due to my relative, I did it in my life as her workers were shifted back to Indonesia for the reason of finished permit. As a gentleman, I never wish myself involved into this but I need to as my relative really need it so urgently. Hence, I have nothing to say but to do it. Being a staff in Dobi, I have to say it was not fun but extremely tired. I was like an assistance in the shop with the least job load, after getting involved into the management, I found that it was not easy to manage it. Worst still if you have lost a particular shirt from a client and need to search it all around the possible site to get it back. This was the most anger part of the job as the mistake was not done by you but you are the one who need to take every packed bags out to let client  to check. You felt being unfair in this issue and really want to punch the people who make the clothe missing.You are hoping so desperately yet no people will help you to search by you  but alone to look for it. Unfair!

However, one thing I could observe in the Dobi was they really worked hardly. Washing with bear hands in the detergent soaked, ironing for the whole day starting from 9am till 11pm. Tonne of clothes need to be cleaned and the cycle repeated again and again. Although is able to earn a living but it is indeed a hard earning channel. Respect their effort and contribution. I worked for Monday and Wednesday merely and without wondering I worked nearly 15 days. Lots of things learn there namely managing a shop, steps to wash clothes, and etc.

Could you imagine, this was the most frequent semester I spent my time in Green Box. Almost every week one day in Green Box with my KAKI. What’s the sweat! However, it was fun anywhere. Hahaha…. The whole idea throughout my holiday is to rest and get myself recover from my previous injured. Besides, that is to relax and yamcha with my friends. It was indeed a great time when I able to meet back my primary schoolmate and classmates. A steamboat gathering meant a lot for us. A hiking trip to Broga Hill for Kensettians was another climax during my holiday. The first experience of site survey in FRIM and climbed the jungle by wearing a pair of slipper… yes, is slipper. And my first drive to IKEA area with my own. These all color my holiday and make it more meaningful.

After all, it is another new semester, new life and experience plus challenges awaiting for me to adventure. As a club’s president is indeed the most challenging part but I must not forget to balance up with my academic achievement. For the previous semester, result shown a deteriorating graph and I wish I could stimulate the graph to increasing if can drastically or at least +0.1 of CGPA. Next, another wish of mine in this coming new semester is to bring our club out of UKM and be active in any other activities outside. Expand my network to a wider range and mix around with more passion and with good attitude in life. Plus, learn as much as I could for the sake of helping my patients.

Another wish from me is to pick up the investment knowledge. In addition, be happy, no stress, be passionate in study, no afraid to meet obstacles and solve it with the gifted wisdom of the God! May this world full of joy, fun, happy, free of disasters and peace always. May I get to whatever I wish to achieve.

Amitofo! Yeah, back to the World Cup Match…. it is indeed a tough game, at the time of 85:20, neither Spain nor Netherland score… 0:0. Still waiting the result and it was indeed a good time with World Cup while football players are playing exhaustively and I am writing my journal/ blog. What’s the combination!

Hmmm…. the first 90minutes, no score from the both sides. Hence, I think they will add extra minutes for the match. And now is 4.25am in the morning… luckily no class today…haha… Stay tuned.

Second Extra Time! What’s!!! They are just tough! Oh…Holland one RED CARD 3.4+ then free kick…No goal!

At last, one goal from Spain (ESP) …  by Number 6 : Andres Iniesta….



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